MoneyWorks for Internet

Demo site:

You can log in trough our demo site into the test version to see the program in action.

Main features:

  • web based system, working in client-server mode
  • Centralised database, working in realtime
  • all you need to use it as a customer is an internet connection and a Web Browser
  • can be used on any kind of Web based devices
  • mobility in coducting transactions
  • intuitive and easy for use user interface
  • system configuration accorditg to the specific needs of the customer

Functional diagram:

The system is centralized, and the only needed DB+Web server is situated in the headquaters of the company.

The staff in the headquaters can use the MoneyWorks for Windows, version and to do the administration trough it when neededd.

Using MoneyWorks for Internet you are able to access your database trough any Web-based device.

The only things you need are internet connection and Web Browser.

Thus, the remote work with the system is fully in real time, and you have a moile access to it.

Requirments for installation of the system:

  • Hardware requirments
    • processor – working frequency minimum 1.5GHz
    • RAM memory – minimum 1GB (recomended 2GB)
  • Operationg system
    • Windows XP Professional or newer (recomended is Windows Server XXXX)
    • file system NTFS
    • IIS (Internet Information Server) installed
  • Internet requirments
    • real and static IP адрес
    • high quality internet connection – less than 1% packets loss
    • speed – minimum 512 KB/sec

An Example of the main screen