Screenshot of the FREE version

Characteristics of the FREE version

The FREE version of MoneyWorks is aimed at users, who are running a business and need to organize it, but cannot afford to invest in software. It is a lightweight modification of the full version of the program and the license for it is free. The users, who work with the FREE version can at later point buy license(s) and continue using MoneyWorks with it’s full functionality.

What features has the FREE version

  • Warehouses and goods;
  • Companies and persons;
  • Sales;
  • Deliveries;
  • Cash-desks and banks;
  • Goods turnover;
  • Invoices;
  • Revenues;
  • Organizer;

With the FREE version the following features are available

  • compositioin of list of items ordered by groups;
  • tracking of the stock availability;
  • deliveries and sale of goods;
  • Invoicing;
  • entering of aditional non-trade financial operations;
  • tracking of the cash in hangт;
  • generating of reports for the money and goods turnover, issued invoices and gained profit;
  • generating of reports with reach options for filtering, sorting and grouping of data;

Things you will not find in the FREE version

  • The database is registered only for one work place and the connection to it il local;
  • Only one warehouse can be defined;
  • Only the standard cash-desk and the standard bank ase available;
  • No support of serial and lot numbers;
  • No support for emloyees (and thus – no support for security access levels);
  • The system is not tracking the balance of the customers – the only financial operations allowed are in cash;
  • No support for aditional pricelists and special prices;
  • Modules that are intended for use by corporate users are not included in this version.;
  • Only bulgarian language is supported.;

Support for the FREE version

GenSoft offers a limited support for the FREE version.
The installation, introducing and training for the program are concern of the user.
Our phone numbers and our forum are at your disposal when you need technical assistance.
The prices for support at the customer’s location are higher compared to the prices for the customers with comercial licenses.