why training?

Our product GenSoft MoneyWorks is widely used and has approved itself as an industry standard for warehosing and trade software.
Initialy developed with the intention of being fast and easy to work with, the huge number of users working with the product forces it’s continuing development and improvement, and sometimes complicating.
Unattended learning of the product is also possible, but there are awlays left some aspects untouched or not understood, which leads to unefficient use or leads to wrong impression of the product’s features.
On the other hand, many labour exchanges often seek experts, teached to work with MoneyWorks
All this forced us to set up a teaching center, which can help in creating qualified GenSoft MoneyWorks experts.



training courses

GenSoft Ltd. offers trainings for our software described here.

The trainings are taken in the weekends in our training center.
The duration of the trainings are 2 days, 4 hours a day.
The examination and the following certification are conducted the next week.
The prices of the trainings are presented in our general Price list.



training “Sales person”

This is the basic training, wich covers the use of modules for the daily trading process.
The training includes: Goods and warehouses, Companies and Persons, Deliveries, Sales, Transfers between warehouses, Instalments,
Deffered payments, Returning of goods, Invoicing, Cash-desks and Banks, Offers, Reservations, Custom orders,
Customers and debtors, Money turnover, Archiving, Printman.



training “Manager”

To join this trainingq you must be certified from the training “Sales person”.
The training includes: Price lists, special prices, Stock-taking, Cash-desks and Banks, Delivery orders, Money turnover, Commodity turnover, Invoices, Revenue, Revenue forecast, redemption dates, operation with the archives, Settings, PrintMan, Passwords.



training “Expert”

To join this training, you must be certified from the training “Manager”.
The training includes: Exchange rates, Remote office connections, working with the Database, Settings,
PrintMan, Passwords, reinstalling of the program and it;s components.



examination and certification

At the end of each training there is an exam, and those who has passed it receive a Certificate for the training level.
The certified students are included in our public register with experts, trained for working with MoneyWorks.
If you use already our product for long time, you can take just the exam to receive a Certificate.



unattended training

You can buy the book “MoneyWorks – documentation and practical guide” and to download the online documentation for the program. For more information follow the link here.