In case of necessity we offer the following types of support:



by phone

GenSoft has own national phone number 07001-93-93 (callers are charged with 1 city call from any point of Bulgaria).
This is the easiest way to contact us.
You can see the rest of our landline and mobile phone numbers from the link above.




GenSoft uses it’s own system for online support, which enables our staff to observe the activity on your desktop and to help you when needed.
The Online support is handy for solving a problem with which you cannot cope.
Using the link above you can download and start the needed program, and to start the connection.

You can sent us messages at this e-mail addres.
Clicking the link will automatically open your e-mail client with a new message.



in the office

You are welcome in any of our offices.
Our working hours are monday to fridayfrom 9:00 to 18:00 o’clock.
Click the link above to see the list and locations of our offices.



in the customer's office

GenSoft offers visits of our staff to the customer’s office.
To order a visit, you should call in one of our offices to arrange the details.
Click on the link above for detailed information about pricing and reaction times for this service.



news + forum

Our forum is open for asking any questions or sharing any problems, complainces, compliments etc.
The forum itself is a huge resource of knowledge about the use of the program, and solving numerous problems.
You will find here important news about GenSoft, and also a description of the newest updates of the program.
Click on the link above to go to our forum.



GenSoft Comunicator

We have incorporated in MoneyWorks a tiny chat system with channels for sending small messages to other users of the program.
In case of questions or quieries you can use the Communicator.
It is possible to receive answers from other customers of MoneyWorks or from our staff.
Click on the link above for description of the main features of GenSoft Communicator.




For any quieries you can contact us trough the global messaging system Skype.
Our nickname is gensoft_mk.
If you do not have Skype on your computer, you can follow the link above to the Skype’s download page and proceed with the installation.




GenSoft offers cources for using MoneyWorks, with certification of the students.
The cources are held in our training centers.
Follow the link above for full information and details about the trainings.



guide + documentation

GenSoft offers a guide for unattended learning of the product.
There is also online documentation of MoneyWorks available for download.
Follow the above link to go to the page with more information about the guide and the documentation.




Another way to learn MoneyWorks and it’s features is with our dedicated video lessons.
The link above will guide you to the full list of videos. Have a nice watching!




All documents, that MoneyWorks can print are template based and use templates, created with programs like MS Word, MS Excel, IE or Notepad.
The installation of MoneyWorks come with a pack of templates, but you can alter them of add new if you wish.
Follow the above link to visit our teplates page with the full pack of original templates as well as many other aditional templates.