MoneyWorks for Windows – screen shots

a universe of capabilities

There is no chance to list ablolutely all features of our program.
It souds wierd, but even we, it’s creatures, do not know all proram’s modules, screens, buttons, functions and settings.
The best way to get well aquainted with MoneyWorks is still to download and install it, and get your hand on it.
You should know that you are not alone in the process of learning the program – we are at your disposal for help (see support).

main modules

Here is the list of the basic modules of the system with short description:

Main screen

instant access to all modules of the system; separate area for alarm messages and remindings; another area for instant messaging with other users of the system; endless color scheme settings;

Warehouses and goods

Hierarchical visualization and managing of warehouses, groups, subgroups, sub-sub groups, …, goods, serial No, lots and aditional expenses; choosing of picture and definition of aditional properties for each item; building of catalogues; custom reports;

Companies and persons

A cardfile with all partners with who works the system (customers, distibutors, suppliers, agents, carriers and employees); an option to orgnize the distibutors in a multy level marketing style;


It is possible to set a separate password , fingerpints, more than 550 types of access rights, visibility of warhouses, cash-desks, banks etc. for each employee; possibility to set passwords for the customers which will be used to allow theis access to the WEB – version as a web-shop като интернет магазин;

Pricelists and special prices

Complex price composition; possibilty to define pricelists binded with formulas with warehouses, groups of goods; definition of special prices for choosen customers with defined rules; defininition of promotions; printing out the pricelists in various ways;

Exchange rates

Setting the exchange rates of the currencies used in the system; cross rates; each deal by default takes the rate for the current date, but iti is possible to choose a different exchange rate;


Adding or editing (according to the access rights of the user) of old sales; full, advance payments or installment payments; attaching an invoice to the deal; calculation of change; templates for printing of the deal as invoice, goods receipt, warehouse receipt etc.; support of barcodes and cash registers;


Adding new or editing old deliveries; possibility to add aditional expenses to the delivery (duties paid, transport fees etc.) with recalculation of the cost price of the goods, and then price pomposition of the sales prices;

Transfers between waresouses

Adding or editing of old transfers between warehouses; choice of carier for the tranfer; two step transfers to allow double checking of the goods that leaved the first warehouse and the goods that ectually entered the second one; possibility to compose prices if the prices in the two warehouses are different; printing of documents;


Adding or editing of old money installments that cover customer’s debts; възможност за конвертиране на избрани вноски в изплащания на все още неизплатени стоки; преизчисляване салдата на контрагентите;


Add or edit new payments of unpaid items; recalculation of the balance of the contractors; possibility for payment in different currency from the one in the debt; attaching invoices to the payments;

Returning of goods

Add new or edit old returns of goods; option to choose to return among the paid or unpaid goods; recalculation of the relevant balances; possibility to print credit notes;

Credit notes / debit notes for reestimation

Въвеждане на нови и редактиране на стари кредитни/дебитни за преоценка на стоки; чрез този модул могат да се преоценяват стоки по вече направени продажби или доставки; при този вид сметки няма движения на пари или стоки, но салдото на контрагента се променя; могат да се преоценяват както платени, така и неизплатени стоки;


Add new or edit old stock-takings of warehouses; accelerating the process by using barcode readers; possibility to accomplish a stock-taking in few days; calculation of lacks as quantities an money;


Possibility to issue one invoice for few sales; possibility to issue invoices from more than one “our companies”; Reviewing and printing out of old invoices; export to various accounting software systems;

Cash-desks and banks

The recording of non-trade payments and incoms (salaries, rents, electricity, currency exchange etc.) trough choosen banks and cash-desks; cash in cash desks and in banks, bank and money flows; currency reestimations;


Preparation of new or edititng of old offers; Preparation of an offer based on existing one; option upon confirmation of an offer to convert is to a sale or an order;


Reservation of goods for certain customer; setting an expiry date; warning or cancelation in an attempt to sale a reserved item; possibility for automatic trnsfering of a reservation into a sale;


Preparation of customers and delivery orders; mechanism to combine few customer orders in one delivery order; tracking of the degree of execution of a choosen order; Possibility to convert certain customer’s/delivery order into delivery/sale;


Preparation of technologies for production of choosen item; production planning; putting in production with pulling the needed materials from the warehouse; finishing the production with automatical adding to the stock of the ready production; step by step execution of long term plans; time schedules and diagrams for labour load, and the corresponding payment; option for use of a specialized hardware for marking of persons and goods, and contactless tracking them to achieve full controll in a given company (including entering and leaving the factory, worked time; worker’s taken function; produced goods; effectiveness etc.;)


Working with one ore multiple companies two sided accounting; automated import of documents from the warehouse part of the program and their processing; preparation of discs for VAT, Intrastart declarations, amortization; preparation of annual accounting reports using schemes; work with analitical properties;

Customers and debtors

A list with all debtors and suppliers and their balance; a list with the debtors and their open payments; full history of the trade activity with a choosen contractor; various balace reports;

Money turnover

Complex and differing queries about money flow; Filtering by time periods, accounts, way of payment, partners, warehouses, groups of goods, goods etc.; sorting and grouping of information by various properies; preparation of charts

Goods turnover

Complex and differing queries about goods flow;Filtering by time periods, accounts, way of payment, partners, warehouses, groups of goods, goods etc.; sorting and grouping of information by various properies; Pivot views;

Invoice turnover

Complex and differing queries about invoiced goods flow;Filtering by time periods, accounts, way of payment, partners, warehouses, groups of goods, goods etc.; sorting and grouping of information by various properies;preparation of charts; Pivot views;


Complex and differing queries about the revenue from sales; Filtering by time periods, accounts, way of payment, partners, warehouses, groups of goods, goods etc.; sorting and grouping of information by various properies;preparation of charts;

Revenue forecast

All sorts of reports concerning revenue forecasting; filters by period of time, types of accounts, types of payment, contractors, warehouses, groups of goods, goods etc.; sorting and grouping of the information by various features; graphical charts;

Redemption dates

Reports concerning coming or delayed payments from partners;

Remote offices connection

Sinchronizing the data between remote offices based on automated exchange of replication files; custom imports of information coming from other systems;

Internet site

Automated creation of a web site and internet shop based on the available information for warehouses, item groups, items, pictures and properties of the items, prices and stock quantities;


Observing in real time of all operations and transactions from all work places in the office;

Tracking any item by it’s serial number;

Tracking the full history of a choosen serial or lot number;


Create archives of the database; option for periodical remindings to create an archive; option to start the program from a choosen archive for checking purposes; option to restore the data from a choosen archive;


Numerous settings for the system: currency types; document numbering; math rounding precision; connection with various hardware devices (barcode scanners; cash registers; electronic weights; Palm organisers; fingerprint scanners; RF marcers); database administration.


Entering, reminding and tracking of the execution of events and tasks; construction of various work schedules and pivot views; tracking contacts with customers (CRM);


A system for sending and receiving short messages in real time between the users of MoneyWorks; the point is to use it insted of SMS-s of phone calls; there are channels for public, company and private messages;