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In the contemporary world in which we liveq there are two basic concepts which direct to great extent our lifes. The first one’s roots are far in the early days of the humankind, the other is modern one. These two concepts are business and computer. While the business was allways existing in some form, the designing of the computing machines and using them for solving various tasks has changed for a short period of time the life lived for thousants of years, and the way in which the humans are working and contol their work. The simbiosis of business and computers appeared so vigorous and poworfull, that nowadays we cannot imagine a working day without our all knowing machines. The crosspoint of this concepts is called business software, but you can see it under various other names: warehouse software / trade / accounting / production software, ERP system etc. In many cases these conceptions are identical, but sometimes there are some little differences. What they share is that, all they serve in the activity, called making business. The present web-site is a starting point to one of the main business softwae products on the Bulgarian market – GenSoft MoneyWorks.



about GenSoft

GenSoft Ltd. is a high tech software company, founded in the far 1997 by a group of proffesionals.
Since then, the company is focused at development and incorporating its main product MoneyWorks.
In a relatively short time the company has proved as a lieder on the market of ERP systems.
With the company’s sequential and correct policy, GenSoft has gained the name of a trustworthy partner, with about 11 000 companies who trusted it.
Software created by Gensoft can be found working in the USA, Canada, Western europe, Russia, Near east, China and Japan.
Currently the company has 5 offices in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Russe and Gabrovo, with total of 25 highly qualified experts.
You can learn more about us from the menu contacts.



about MoneyWorks

The moto of the product is “Software that knows everything about your business”.
GenSoft MoneyWorks is an ERP system, designed to cover the various needs of the business management.
The module technology on which is based the system allows the system to be a solution for any sort of company – from wholesale and retail trough production, supermarketsq chains of stores, accounting houses, services etc.
MoneyWorks incorporates few interfaces suitable for different cathegories of customers:

  • MoneyWorks for Win – the main variant, reachest in functions. Suitable for any type of customers.
  • MoneyWorks for Web – for trade functions and control from any part of the world. Suitable for companies with many offices and subsidieries.
  • GenSoft Market – POS system for sales trough a cash desk terminal. Suitable for chain of stores and supermarkets.
  • MoneyWorks FREE – the free version with reduced and simplified functionality. Suitable for small or family companies.
  • MoneyWorks DEMO – the demo version for testing by candidate customers.
  • MoneyWorks – localized versions in Bulgarian, English, Macedonian, Turkish and Serb languages.



MoneyWorks is a system in continous development.
There are often added new modules and functions for specific customers from different branches of industry.
You can learn more about the system from the menu products.



some numbers

For most of you, who visit the site, the names of GenSoft and MoneyWorks are very familiar to you.
For the rest of you is better to present us and our work with some figures:

  • 16            years of development and implementation of ERP systems
  • 7791        customers of MoneyWorks (WIN version)
  • 3369        customers of MoneyWorks (FREE version)
  • 440          customers of MoneyWorks (WEB version)
  • 17494      computers run our products daily
  • 6              offices in the main cities
  • 120%       devotion to our work



GenSoft оnline support

GenSoft Online.exe
This tiny program is used to solve a problem that you can’t resolve yourself.
With this program all your desktop activity can be observed online from the technical staff of GenSoft.

For Windows XP – use GenSoft Online for Windows XP.